Goocampus the online medical encyclopedia

We offer you a knowledge share platform centered on the medical and healthcare sector, It is a tool which permits real-time interaction and is designed to be simple and intuitive for all users, creating a network of learners.
gooCampus Community: If you are a healthcare professional, enhance your knowledge and skills.
gooCampus Schools: If you run a training centre, you can offer your students an improved learning environment by using a a Tailor-Made e-learning.

Outstanding features

Library, videos, training tests, practical activities and case, community, learning plan and a great deal more for medical students and/or doctors and teachers.


Students can access articles, publications and books at any time from any device.

Operations and surgery

Work with real, practical cases.


Video-assisted learning.

Improved learning through access to multimedia content at any time, wherever you are.

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Security and privacy

Both patient privacy and authorship rights are guaranteed.

Training tests and assessments

Assessment of student progress through self-assessment, activities and exams.

A cooperative learning community

Create and encourage interaction and cooperation between students.

Demonstration free of charge, no need to register

Have a look at our demo section where you can view all the features offered: